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Best Selling Dishes

Curly Fries

Seasoned shoe string fries fried to perfection for maximum goodness

Classic Meal

Served with 1 corn salad, 1 side and 1 drink, Serves 1

Tenders Meal

6 pcs, Served with 1 corn salad, 1 side and 1 drink, Serves 1

Chicken Tender Bap Burger

Rice burger with 2 savory rice patties in the middle, layered with kimchi & chicken mayo. Meals are served with 1 choice of side & drink

Crispy fried chicken from Nene Chicken in Singapore

Nene Chicken started life in South Korea in 1999 with the simple philosophy of creating happy and healthy lives through authentic chicken recipes. It quickly became one of the nation's favourite fried chicken brands before arriving in Singapore in 2012. You can now enjoy its tasty dishes both in the restaurant or for home delivery with the help of foodpanda. In Korean 'Ne' means 'Yes' which brings us to the name Nene Chicken or 'Yes Yes Chicken'. What more do we need to say? Simply pay a visit to this Singapore restaurant to be served a plate of happiness. The two menu staples are crispy batter and succulent meat which are fried to a beautiful golden brown then coated with delicious sauces. The chef's secret techniques keep the meat juicy and the batter crisp making the ideal finger food for a quick snack at your office desk or for enjoying with the family at home while you watch your favourite films.

A mix and match menu from Nene Chicken

Part of the fun of the Nene menu is its mix and match variety. Choose your chicken and your sauce then add your starters, sides and drinks. It's perfect food that's ready to go in just a few minutes. You even have the choice of individual set meals or larger platters for sharing with friends, family or colleagues.